Abigail Hart

Abigail Hart Abigail Hart Abigail Hart Abigail Hart

About me:

Based in London, United Kingdom
I’m a curvy British companion who you’ll find devastatingly charming and refreshingly authentic. My style is one of classic elegance. I’m kind, compassionate and I love to laugh. I’m the product of a liberal upbringing coupled with a strict education at a top private girls’ school. At twenty-four you'll find me to be an enticing mix of youth, playfulness, and stylish seduction.

London is the city I call home, and where I’m readily available for dates, but I love to travel and I have my passport at the ready. Wherever we meet, I love to savour the city and enjoy the best of what it has to offer. From cocktail bars to fine dining, I’m a keen explorer and thoroughly epicurean. My clients appreciate that in public I’m polite, gracious, well-spoken and articulate - the perfect date for any man. My personality is warm, charismatic and engaging. I’m a social creature and cherish being in the company of older men. You’ll find my manners are refined, and my style is one of classic elegance.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Services Info:

I don't believe chemistry, and passion and raw sensuality can be distilled down to a few check boxes. Our time together is *our* time together; it's a unique experience designed to relish those stolen afternoons and evenings where we seek only to gratify one another. For me desire peaks when the anticipation of erotic delights are deliciously suspended by beginning our date over drinks or dinner. I like to get to know you, to draw out the pleasure, to savour every drop.... But whilst romantic encounters have their virtues, quenching our passions with immediacy is its own reward: knocking on a hotel door - when I know you are waiting for me on the other side - provides an electric thrill incomparable to anything experienced before.

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City: London
Country: United Kingdom
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