Ally Rose

Ally Rose Ally Rose Ally Rose Ally Rose Ally Rose Ally Rose Ally Rose Ally Rose Ally Rose

About me:

Based in Boston, United States
Hello, I'm Ally Rose.

I'm your one-of-a-kind luxury companion ready to fulfill your wildest fantasies. From the moment we meet you will be the center of my attention and affection. I believe our time is best spent together... learning, growing, and blooming into the best versions of ourselves. We are all just amazing human beings yearning for connection. 

A little about me: I strongly believe life is meant to be enjoyed. I love lingering on the little things like a fine martini, a stroll through the park, or a kiss on the cheek. Simply put, I have a quenching thirst for joy - things that make my eyes light up. I love laughing, long slow kisses, skin-tingling caresses, and affectionate cuddling. You will find that I am a true scorpion at heart... flirty, passionate and very playful :) You just may find me to be the most sensual woman you will ever meet....

Most describe me as sensual and sweet with a side of kink. I am nice but naughty, very open-minded and love to play in bed. If we connect with each other we will be long-term friends. 

If this is your first rendezvous, I suggest booking at least a two hour date with me so we can get to know each other more deeply. I believe our encounters will not only be fun but therapeutic... a win-win really. You will find that I am caring through and through because I know the value of building an emotional and intimate connection, and I want to share it with you. 

If you've come this far, I suggest you contact me and embark on a journey of a lifetime....



Contact info:

City: Boston
Country: United States
Phone: 6176310274
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