Amber Leigh

Amber Leigh Amber Leigh Amber Leigh

About me:

Based in Melbourne, Australia
Amber's Background

Melbourne born and raised, I come from a wholesome Australian family in a quaint suburban home.

In school I was the quintessential cute nerd. I completed an Honour's degree in Science and followed with a Post Graduate Degree, going on on to pursue interesting positions in Medical Research.

Amber's Personality and Nature

I am described as a bright and tender lady who loves meeting and learning about people, making me the ultimate girlfriend (GFE) experience. I understand the importance of empathy, and I value kindness above all else.

A gentle, compassionate and receptive personality, my desire for human connection led me to leave clinical research and find a greater calling in professional companionship. I strive to be your kind, empathic and ever-present lady of luxury.

I will provide you with an exceptional experience, and our time together will be personalized to your taste, embracing intimacy in all of it's forms and leaving Amber lingering on your lips..

Below is a testimonial I found beautifully poetic:

"The first thing you notice is the warmth of her smile, a warmth in her presence, a glow belonging to someone who is open to the world and the experiences it has to offer her.

Then she speaks and her voice is like perfume – grounded, earthy undertones and a wicked, daring flicker of something hinting at adventure. Soon after, your eyes travel to her pouting, kissable lips.

Her eyes, beautiful eyes of a green that shifts in hue depending on the light, are full of kindness juxtaposed with wickedness. She has the elegant, feminine curves of a classical nude, a long wave of brunette hair, the sweet and generous kindness of someone with a warm and open heart, and the laugh of a woman who throws herself unselfconsciously into joy.

Her presence is magical and after you see her she leaves you with a deliciously wonderful feeling that lingers for days."

Amber's Interests…

A photography enthusiast, I attend media school classes in my spare time and I aspire to build an online portfolio for others to engage and enjoy.

My home city of Melbourne has fully captured my soul. My artistic veins are thoroughly nourished with the vibrant art scene. I can often be found at a theater performance, exhibition, gallery, museum, installation or simply out and about with my camera.

I equally adore the Melbourne food scene, and I love to show international and interstate companions the culinary hot-spots. In turn, I enjoy taking suggestions from my date and allowing them to wine and dine me.

I have explored America, France, U.K, New Zealand and many beautiful places in Australia. I find travel to be an intensely fulfilling experience, and something that I have been known to enjoy with companions.

So that is a little about me. Let’s create some wonderful memories together.

Amber Leigh xx


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Please inquire with me personally for any services not already listed.

Contact info:

City: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Phone: +61 (0) 421995249
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