Beverly Valmont

About me:

Based in Philadelphia, PA, United States
"A Chance Encounter"

Your head undoubtedly turns as she enters the room. In walks an all-natural, one of a kind, worldly beauty. She has this aura about her, very alluring, sensual. Her doll-like face, high cheekbones, that flirty pearly smile set behind plush lips and her hazel, almond shaped eyes, set off a desire in you. There's something about her. You can't take your eyes off her. And as she catch your stare -- neither can she.

You notice her slim yet curvy, hourglass figure dripping in golden bronze skin as she gracefully glides towards you. She walks like a model, poised and fashionable. You observe as she runs her hand through her lush, dark tresses, softly bringing it behind her ear, down her neck and then gently caressing her decolletage. Watching her fingers playfully dance on her chest your eyes naturally gaze upon her full, natural breasts. Her hand continues down casually cupping her breast, then slides down her toned, petite waist. Passing over her swaying hips and finally resting on her perfect, peachy cheeks. She never breaks her stare.

Now you're lost in conversation. You soon discover her gem of a personality. Feminine, witty, intelligent, unique, a true conversationalist. Bright and engaging with a coquettish laugh. Her depth, interests and endeavors are refreshing. She's warm, genuine and makes you feel a way you've never felt before. Confident with a frisky charm. You begin to fantasize about seeing all of her, bare in just her beauty.

You close the doors to the suite. You turn to see she's disappeared and has left just the faint trace of her luxe perfume... and her dress. You follow her intoxicating scent. Lead to an executive view of the skyline, you stop to take it all in - the anticipation of what's to come. You notice her reflection amongst the city lights. You turn...

And there she is in front of you, bare in all of her beauty and vulnerability.

*A light screening and deposit required*


Hair color
Hair length
Bust size
Very Large(D)
Bachelor's Degree
Entrepreneur, Model
Golf, horseback riding, snowboarding, surfing
Fitness, Reading, Travel, Cinema, Art, Fine Dining

Languages spoken:



1 hour1000 USD
2 hours2000 USD
3 hours2500 USD
6 hours4500 USD
12 hours6000 USD
24 hours8000 USD

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