Brielle Miyamoto

Brielle Miyamoto Brielle Miyamoto Brielle Miyamoto Brielle Miyamoto

About me:

Based in San Francisco, United States
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Synchronicity; we have found each other and have yet to relish in the profound reward as to why our connection was meant to encounter that I am excited to discover and enjoy with you soon

It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Brielle Miyamoto, an east meets west muse for your personal leisure and what a fortunate discovery you have made upon finding me. With an ever integrating world you have found the best of eastern geisha allure and exotic western beauty wrapped in one petite model to arouse all of your senses.

This is my outlet as much as it is yours. Erotic interludes excite me and I am selective in friends who I share my intimate world with. I have no pre-conceived notions of what makes a man attractive. My only requirement is that you treat me like a lady with kindness, generosity, and respect. I deeply cherish and reflect the adoration and appreciation that is given, I love to please and be pleased in return!

I find myself at the peak of my passions when I'm with a man who chooses a companion based on intellect, kindness, and sophisticated presentation. Long encounters, dinner dates, and overnights allowing time to build an organic lusty passion are best suited for me. Mixtures of both private and public time of our date complements me well.

If you seek a sensual, striking, and sincere personal muse with an appetite for life, here I await for your request. Full of intent and passionate, I can give you something you will never forget and maybe even crave more..

Awaiting you...
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Phone: 4159443344
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