Nina Mona

Nina Mona Nina Mona Nina Mona Nina Mona

About me:

Based in Los Angeles, CA, United States
​Hello! I’m a striking, luscious brunette who provides unique experiences to clients worldwide. You will find me enchanting, playful, willing, and delighted to make your acquaintance.

You can most frequently find me in Los Angeles and Orange County. I’m always excited to explore new places. I can meet you at your private residence or upscale hotel, or we can curl up together at my plush incall apartment.

My behavior leans affectionate, soft, and submissive. I genuinely want you to enjoy yourself. I adore cuddling and give fantastic massages. For more decadent pampering, I make a perfect spa companion.

Excited to know more? Many of your questions can be answered on my site. You can learn a bit more of my background, read my engagement policies, and enjoy a growing gallery of my photographs.

Screening is required for new friends. Send me a quick email to tell me about yourself ( and I’ll be in your arms in no time. Speak to you soon!


I enjoy men who are intelligent, interesting, and generous. I find a degree of frustrated ambition attractive. I respect skill mastery and pair especially well with analytical types. Please be clean, reliable, and polite.

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