Catalina Rose

Catalina Rose Catalina Rose Catalina Rose Catalina Rose Catalina Rose Catalina Rose

About me:

Based in San Francisco, United States
Rare is the moment where one is unsure of whether the events are actually happening or are the product of fantasy. There’s a reason why magical realism was born in Colombia.

I'm Catalina a lustrous, enigmatic creature of extreme femininity and eroticism. My presence is exquisitely delicate and wonderfully exotic while understated— a richly sensual energy to be discovered by a chivalrous man. Is it you?

I’m publicly poised, but passionate in private. Whether you enjoy a brief encounter or longer engagements be it indoors or outdoors sipping a glass of wine or whiskey neat. Let's wrap ourselves in a warm embrace and good conversation. Nothing compares to a beautiful conversation with a beautiful mind. Trust that by the time you leave my presence your body will feel lighter and your mind clearer.

Like you, I am selective of the company I keep. I strive to create long-lasting friendships that are genuine and meaningful. I hope to meet you soon...Please see my website for more information.

Catalina Rose

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