Etiquette For Clients

Before contacting an escort thoroughly read his or her profile and their website (if they have one), taking care to note their self description (does it sound like they suits you?), their rates (are they within your budget?), their services (do you both enjoy the same things?) and their preferred contact method (should you email first or make a telephone call?). Follow his or her instructions. If making a call, please ensure your number is unblocked, as most escorts do not answer private numbers.

When speaking with an escort be courteous and as helpful as you can be with any information she or he requests from you. If you are polite and respectful this will incline your preferred escort to accept your booking. Introduce yourself, specify your location, preferred date, time and duration of the booking and any special requests. Let your escort know if you have a preferred contact method and anything else important that may impact on your time together.

Offensive or explicit enquiries are likely to be ignored. Escorts are business people and you should treat them with respect. Try to arrange your appointment with tact and care. The booking only starts when you meet, not before, and so you should never try to overwhelm your escort with unnecessary contact or lewd messages.

Be respectful and prompt with any screening information your escort requires from you. If you feel that your escort is asking for too much information, consider if you would meet a perfect stranger yourself without asking a few questions first!

Preparing For The Booking

First impressions count. Smart-casual is a safe bet but take the environment into consideration. Just as you would like your escort to be discreet, please dress and behave discreetly yourself.

Be freshly showered, shave (razor burns are fun for no one!), clean your teeth and use mouthwash. Make sure your fingernails are blunt and clean and use deodorant without a strong scent. Many clients request that their escort do not wear any perfume so it does not transfer on to their clothes but this flows both ways, escorts do not particularly want to smell like you either! Go easy on the cologne.

If your escort is coming to your residence, please provide fresh towels and clean linen. Your home should be well presented and clean. Treat your escort as a welcome guest, your efforts will not go unnoticed!

If you would like to share a beverage with your escort, make sure it is unopened and only opened in their presence.

If you are going to your escort’s home, please be extremely discreet and respectful of their privacy. Do not loiter or call attention to yourself when entering. Do not speak to neighbours and keep your voice low when speaking into the phone or intercom. If you do not know where to go, leave the building and call your escort at a discreet distance, without being obvious.

In your escort’s home, please be mindful that you are a guest. Do not open anything uninvited or ‘help yourself’ to the fridge or anything else. Unless your escort says you can go into a certain room, assume you cannot go there and only go where she or he invites you. If you want to look at or touch something ask permission first. Be careful not to swamp the bathroom in water or leave wet towels on the floor. Be respectful of the space. As much as you can, leave it the way you found it.

Not all escorts offer drinks or refreshments. Normally, all food and drink are taken care of by the client. Ask your escort if he or she would like you to bring a bottle of wine to drink or something else. I am sure they will be delighted! However, remember to drink in moderation, as alcohol is a depressant and inhibits performance if you drink too much…

Escorts are paid upfront, typically inside an unsealed envelope, left in a clear place in the room. Do not make your escort go looking for it. If he or she seems unsure about where you placed it, simply say you left something for them in the right location.

If you are meeting in a public place, hand the fee to your escort discreetly at the start of your time together. You can conceal it within many things, such as a newspaper or shopping bag. Your escort will appreciate your tact. Please do not just hand over a wad of cash or an obvious envelope – this may draw unwanted attention.

Your escort will want to check that the fee is correct. Please allow time for this by excusing yourself to the bathroom early on in your booking. Do not throw yourself into intimacy before the escort has checked that everything is fine. Let them set the pace.

Enjoy some conversation and get to know each another. However, be mindful not to ask too many personal questions and of being respectful of the boundaries.

Be kind, courteous and friendly with your escort and build the chemistry between the both of you. This will result in a better experience overall, no matter how long or short the duration.

In The Bedroom

Now for the fun bit. Communication is key, as is respecting personal boundaries. If your escort asks you to change something or stop, follow their instructions immediately. Build an understanding and enjoy the experience.

Be considerate. All escorts are different in what they offer so appreciate the ways in which they are unique.

If you would like your escort to stay longer you will need to pay for the extended duration upfront. However, be mindful that your escort may have other engagements and may not be able to stay. Do not be offended, this is just life. Ask them if you may re-book in future.

Keeping In Contact And Re-Booking

Escorts generally appreciate it if a client sends a short thank you email or text within a few days after the booking. However, please do not engage in further unnecessary contact unless you are making another booking. Escorts are busy people with full lives and are ultimately a business. You would not call up your car dealer for a chat every day, or your accountant, or a taxi driver, now would you? Be appreciative and remember the boundaries. If you would like to see your escort again, make a booking. If you do enjoy chatting, enquire about a conversational fee to reimburse your escort for their time and effort in responding to you. Remember, escorts are paid for their time and companionship, which can include ongoing communication, and always includes going out socially together. Please do not ask your escort if they would like to catch up with you for a coffee sometime – unless you mean to pay them! Otherwise you are in for embarrassment.

Time with an escort is a privilege. Show appreciation and put in a little effort and you will be rewarded.

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