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There are plenty of places around the world to add to your “must-see” list. One of them has to be Sydney. Many people head to Australia for a longer than average holiday, some go there to work and some to travel around to see everything that the country has to offer.

If you are spending an extended period of time in Sydney then you might want to book in some time with one of the beautiful escorts. Escorts in Sydney are not only welcoming and friendly; but they are also beautiful too. Just some of the reasons why escorts in Sydney are amongst the most popular in the world.

The only thing that you might wonder when it comes to booking time with escorts in Sydney is what exactly you can do whilst you are in the city. To help you out and make sure that you see the very best of Sydney, we have put together our guide for things to do with escorts in Sydney.

Take a ride on the Manly Ferry

To those that live and work in Sydney the Manly Ferry is simply a way to get around. However, if you are just visiting the city then it is definitely a great way to see some of the most amazing sights. You will pass by the Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo and Camp Cove beach on the journey and as it moves at a slow and steady pace you have plenty of time to talk and get to know one another.

Float high in the air

When you are taking some time with escorts in Sydney then chances are that you are going to want to make sure that it is a memorable experience. This means finding something to do that is extra special. One great idea is to book in a hot air balloon above the Camden Valley. Usually arrange at Sunrise, this will allow you to not only see the city skyline from an entirely new perspective, but it also offers you a blue eucalyptus haze from the Blue Mountains.

Try some local craft beers

You might not instantly think of craft beers when you think of Sydney; but, if you are searching for something more chilled and relaxed to do with your escort in Sydney then you might want to head to a bar. There are bars and pubs all around Australia that offer up local craft beers and they are just the right thing to quench your thirst when you have spent the day busily exploring the city.

Explore Dharawal National Park

It is a little way out of the city, but if you are happy to drive for an hour then you will be rewarded with the Dharawal National Park. Every second Saturday of the month the park is open to tourists and you can enjoy a guided tour of the park run by an Aboriginal Discovery Ranger.

Take in some amazing art at White Rabbit

If you like your art bold and dramatic, then you will definitely need to visit White Rabbit. This four-floor gallery is home to a range of 21st century Chines Art. It also has a rotation of 4 different exhibitions throughout the year. The entry is free and you can definitely see some art work that will leave you feeling impressed, as well as thoughtful too.

Indulge in some sea food

Sydney is well known for offering some delicious treats throughout the city and needless to say some of the best offerings has to be the sea food. Fresh and tasty, there are a wealth of places that you can choose from if you like your food to be caught in and delivered to your plate in less time than it takes to grab some fast food.

Pack a picnic for Wendy’s Secret Garden

Whilst the name suggests it is a secret, there are plenty of people who know about this beautiful spot in the city. That said, it doesn’t actually get that busy and definitely has the feel of a hidden oasis. In fact, it is the ideal place to bring a picnic and just take the time with one another. Not only this, but if you sit in the right place too then you can see some amazing views of Sydney Harbour Bridge too.

Go back in time with the Golden Age Cinema

Heading to the cinema might not sound like the most exciting thing to do in Sydney. But, you have never been to the Golden Age Cinema in Surrey Hills. Boasting only 60 seats, this is definitely more of a boutique spot then a main stream cinema. It not only showcases indie releases, but also cult film screenings too. It even has weekly trivia nights and features a vintage themed basement bar too.

Learn to surf at Bondi Beach

Okay, so we might be thinking completely out of the box here, but, when in Sydney! Surfing is the national pastime and Bondi Beach is known to have some of the best surfing opportunities in the world. If you are thinking about having a lesson then there are plenty of those to book, however, if you are experienced then you can always hire a board and explore the waves yourself. Just make sure that you don’t wipeout.

Of course, if you simply want to relax, then you can pack some food and sit on one of the beautiful beaches that Sydney has to offer. Just make sure that you take your sunscreen with you!

As you can see, spending time with escorts in Sydney means that you have plenty of things to do and see. The escorts in Sydney are beautiful and will be only too happy to either show you around the city itself, or perhaps to explore it with you if they are from out of town too.

No matter what you decide to do whilst you are with escorts in Sydney we can promise you that you will have a time that you will never forget.

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