Devorah Reine

About me:

Based in San Francisco, CA, United States
I’m Devorah- your new fascination.

Evident in my large piercing eyes, curly hair, olive skin, and intensely captivating dark features is a vivacious Jewish and Sicilian Italian heritage. Born on a Mars/Venus cusp, I exude an exquisitely androgynous presence. I identify as nonbinary and genderfluid, a tomboy of sorts, and am simultaneously masculine and feminine. My luscious and pungent body hair is left in its natural state. You'll find my hairy armpits, bush, and big clit to be irresistible. My athletic, muscular, curvy, and petite body is adorned in intricate tattoos. Goth, punk, and alternative describe my style.

I invite you into my compelling universe full of hedonism, pleasure, and sensuality. You desire an unconventional flavor of excitement — I’m confident in finding just what ignites you. Let me lead you in erotic liberation, fantasy fulfillment, and delicious deviance. As a libertine and visual artist of many mediums, I’m passionate about crafting erotic escapades — whether it be vanilla or kinky. I am renowned for integrating kink, fetish, and D/s into an exceptional GFE playdate - I love PSE and greek as well.

Let me guide you if you are entirely new to this world. If you’re seasoned in BDSM, allow me to expand these realms even further. Whether you crave sensual domination or heavier scenes, I’d love for you to be my plaything. You can explore your edges with me and relinquish control without inhibition.

I am a versatile dominant (Daddy, Sir) with years of experience as a domme / dominatrix. My dynamic and mercurial nature drives me to embody switch and submissive roles with great pleasure as well. A complete list of my dominant and submissive kinks can be found on my website.

As a trained somatic bodyworker and pleasure coach, allow me to be your guide in exploring the sensual and erotic. As an esteemed unicorn, I delight in joining couples, throuples, and polycules. The pleasure we can share together is truly limitless, whether you’re new lovers or devoted partners.

My highest intention is to co-create a magical connection brimming with romance, decadence, and depravity. You’ll find me to be intuitive, passionate, and a darn unforgettable time. I’m known to make an impression, and an encounter with me will surely stay smoldered in your memory.


Incall, Outcall
Hair color
Hair length
Bust size
BA in Art & Art Education
Zodiac sign
Taurus on Aries cusp
Sexual orientation
Bisexual, pansexual, queer
Escort & artist
Biking, weightlifting, yoga
Drawing, painting, sewing, playing vinyl. Hiking, camping, and somatic bodywork

Languages spoken:



1 hour900 USD900 USD
2 hours1100 USD1100 USD
3 hours1500 USD1500 USD
6 hours3000 USD3000 USD
12 hours5000 USD5000 USD
24 hours6000 USD6000 USD

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