Eva Bora

About me:

Based in Boston, MA, United States
I'm based outside of Boston and can do outcall virtually anytime. I do incalls selectively when I book a hotel. Next Incall is in Lexington Feb 11th-Feb 14th. To book me go to my web site and fill out my booking form.

I blend in naturally as that sweet, curvy neighborhood girl next door you saw when you went for a walk the other day. Or, in more professional settings, maybe I'm more like that sharp office coworker you've secretly been pining after since she started working with you.

When we speak to each other at first, conversation feels natural, genuine and just the right amount of flirtatious. It's also intellectually stimulating enough that you feel like you can speak about whatever you want and I'll be able to keep up and add unique perspectives.

But underneath this sweet, unsuspecting exterior, I know exactly what you need.

You see, I know how long the days have felt for you without any relief in sight for that stress and tension you're holding onto. You have wants that need to be fulfilled, and yet you can't just expect anyone to meet your needs. No, you're not looking for lightning in a bottle, and not just any girl will do.

You need a natural, responsive woman to keep up with you physically and mentally. You want to linger over every soft, subtle sensation of skin brushing sensitive skin that leaves you both wanting more. You want her to lose herself in pleasure just as much as you are losing yourself to your own pleasure from tantalizing teases you both give to each other. You want her to surrender to melting into every bit of you just like you're melting into her.

No, you don't want just a release. You want an experience that feels natural yet out of this world. You want her to feel like a dream and yet so real. The more you think about it, the more this carnal craving of yours is taking over you daily.

You don't just want this. You need this to feel human again. But where and how on earth could you find someone to create such a sweet out-of-body experience? And is it really worth the wait to try to find her?

Hello, my dear. I'm Eva Bora. It's wonderful to finally meet you.

Why don't we find out if it really was worth the wait?


Incall, Outcall
Hair color
Hair length
Bust size
BS in Engineering, too many certs to name for copywriting/digital marketing
Sexual orientation
Boxing, powerlifting, partner dancing
Training my dog, people watching, trying out new wines and teas, Salsa dancing

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2 hours800 USD800 USD
3 hours1200 USD1200 USD
6 hours2200 USD2200 USD

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