Lilly Kink

About me:

Based in Boston, MA, United States
Since you’re reading this…

I think we both know that you’d like to learn a bit more about me. Hopefully, it’ll encourage you to share a bit about yourself as well~

I would consider myself a rather traditionally-feminine woman, enjoying the feeling of soft clothes against my skin, and always eager to dress up or down for the occasion. Feeling the hungry gaze of my partner while we’re in public is always a treat for me.
I do have a taste for the finer things which led me to studying finance and management, so I suppose you could call me ‘the girl in the cubicle next door’ with my ambiguously-European accent which you’ll try to place~

For me, it’s spreadsheets and meetings by day, 5-star hotels and parties by night. Though my bosses wouldn’t be very happy about my nighttime escapades, so you must excuse my blurred face. Once the day ticks past 6PM, I’m finally able to let the real me unleash herself~
Despite how my daily-life may call for a faint dominance in the way I present myself, needing to keep myself sharp as a businesswoman, I still hold an incredible call for submission…

I’d love to sink into your gaze with my piercing green eyes except for when they are blindfolded… and while I’d love to get lost in a passionate kiss, I’d struggle to stifle a whimper as my plush lips were wrapped around a gag… I enjoy using my hands, but love having them tied behind my back…
I only have one orgasm at a time, I just have them all night.
Thanks to my multifaceted character, I am not only genuine in the submissive role. I enjoy having my desires be a part of my life, even in my name! Lilly, being a very feminine, delicate and passionate part of me, and Kink, the sultry and devilish challenge for you to bring that part of me to the surface. What you expose from within me is up to your desires, a romantic and genuine experience as a girlfriend, or an erotic goddess, a submissive object of pure lust for you to slake your pent-up passion with. Whether we lose ourselves in a genuine and caring time together in a girlfriend experience, or, if you prefer, as an outlet for your lust, an erotic goddess that can take your carnal desires, as well as surprise you with my own~


Incall, Outcall
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Skiing, Diving, Dance
Arts, Psychology, traveling, Concerts, Reading

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1 hour900 USD1000 USD
2 hours1700 USD1800 USD
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6 hours4000 USD4000 USD
12 hours5000 USD5000 USD
24 hours7500 USD7500 USD

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