Rose Gibson

About me:

Based in San Francisco, CA, United States
I know you — you’re a hard working individual, come to look for your next escape. You’re looking for someone to take the edge off of your daily life, to pump fuel on your creative fire, and you’re not just looking for anyone.

Perhaps you’re looking for me.

If you want to tête-à-tête over tea, to lounge with someone who will make you feel like you’re on holiday, to make witty quips over dinner in a restaurant just loud enough for our conversations in public to feel private — I’m yours. A creative little minx with a unique mix of East Coast snark and soft California sweetness, my main goal is to charm you.

Sure, I’m cultured and witty and of course, I smile easily. Though I’m in my mid-twenties, wisps of silver are woven through my long curly brunette locks, giving away my “old soul”. They’ve been growing in since I was 18 and contrast nicely with my youthful face; my big green eyes look through tortoise-shell glasses and my fashion sense is a twist on the classics. I favor black stockings and heels, keep my lips red (unless I’m expecting, or hoping, to be kissed… in which case it’s available by request.) and though my affinity for leather and silk is obvious, I’m as happy in cotton underwear. I’m told that I “photograph tall” but I’m a petite five-foot-two, a perfect height for any date, with many a pair of heels to supplement. I can’t pull off the co-ed look as well as I can remind you of that hot bartender you bantered with for hours and wished you could take home, or the secretary in your office typing a mile a minute… but without the HR violation.

I moved from the East Coast as soon as I was handed my art degree and didn’t plant myself until I hit the Northern coast of California. Now, don’t let the art degree fool you — I’m far from pretentious. I’ve heard time and time again that my presence is warm and welcoming, and I pride myself in connecting with even the most shy of new friends. At parties I have been known to “play host”, and ease the quiet person in the corner into joining the boisterous, or at least make sure that everyone is having a good time. Connecting with new people is one of my talents, and is undoubtedly the one I am most proud of. With my quick tongue and timeless sense of humor, I’m most likely to going to make you laugh.

From the start, I want our time to feel... well, timeless. Whether we're new acquaintances getting to know each other or old friends, conversation will roll easily and we’ll part ways looking forward to our next rendezvous.


Incall, Outcall
Hair color
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Very Long
Bust size
Arts degree
Zodiac sign
Sexual orientation
sex worker / artist
Yoga and Rock Climbing, if that counts.
Photography, drawing, painting, bicycling, traveling.

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