Rosie Rocks

Rosie Rocks Rosie Rocks Rosie Rocks Rosie Rocks Rosie Rocks

About me:

Based in London, United Kingdom
All escorts are not the same, equally neither are the gentlemen who might wish to see her. The Rosie Rocks Experience is unique and tailored to you. She is an open-minded, discreet and honest companion.

Kind-hearted, intuitive and flirtatious by nature, Rosie takes a great deal of pride in guiding others to achieve their goals in life. Think of her as your charming, fun-loving and energetic mistress who will never want or need to invoke your personal life, yet has a great interest in your happiness and personal gratification — someone with whom you can share moments of laughter, intimacy and exploration.


Services Info:

Although I choose not to list my services I am happy for you to ask upon making contact about any services you are particularly interested in.

Contact info:

City: London
Country: United Kingdom
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