Wendy Mills

About me:

Based in New York City, NY, United States
I'm a young intellectual with a voracious appetite for reading, exploration, and travel. Whip-smart with a sharp tongue for more than just steamy debate.

Of leather and lace, I’m the alt punk rock girl of your dreams who can sidle up next to you polished and refined with a coy, knowing smile. I am defiantly queer with a background in sex education, harm reduction, and the arts. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a nerd. I entered college at sixteen, I have a proclivity for science (especially anatomy and biology), anthropology, and yes, I have a collection of both records and comics. I need to be stimulated. I’m constantly doodling and I’ll probably want to draw your portrait. I’m sophisticated-cool and a habitué of the finest muses; arthouse films, theatre, high fashion, and innovative design.

The treasures of nature, however, inspire the ultimate childlike wonder. I have Mediterranean blood, so I’m part mermaid and delight in sunbathing and long swims. However, I welcome adventure in any landscape or scenery. Dance is my preferred form of exercise, and I will go all night and shut down the club so long as the music suits my tastes.

As a creative with a penchant for the avant-garde, I revel in the opportunity to artfully curate your fantasies. My body is gracefully long and limber to entwine and enrapture you. Delicately decorated with elegant body hair, I am soft and lush all over. Let me indulge your curiosities, your kinks, steer you to transcendence through feisty BDSM or gentle companionship. My precocious nature will keep us both stimulated and engaged between witty banter and erotic play. Whether you seek tender affection or a little more deviance with a dominant streak, I deliver a passion that burns bright. Prepare to be captivated.

Covid cautious hottie with a travel air purifier and stock of rapid tests. PCR test often and you should too. Currently only seeing clients who are vax’d. Please be prepared to provide proof of vaccination and test prior to meeting. Two hour minimum to indulge. Embracing the beauty of dining al fresco.


Incall, Outcall
Hair color
Hair length
Bust size
Sexual orientation
Art, Biking, Cooking, Yoga


2 hours1250 USD1000 USD
3 hours1750 USD1400 USD
6 hours2900 USD2600 USD
12 hours4300 USD4000 USD
24 hours6300 USD6000 USD

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