11 Benefits Of Seeing An Escort

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Have you ever wondered why so many people enjoy seeing an escort? Or maybe you have considered seeing an escort but have been putting it off maybe because you weren’t sure or maybe a bit hesitant to enter the world of escorts. There are many reasons why people see escorts and many benefits to seeing them too. Below I’ll try to list some of the many benefits to seeing an escort.

1: She’s a professional.

As with any professional in any industry, they know what they are doing, escorts are no different. If you want to experience the best time with a girl, then consider an escort as she will know exactly how to please and pleasure you.

2: Experience

It’s no secret, escorts see a lot of people, guys and girls. This gives them experience, far more experience than the average lady. The benefit of this is that they bring this to the table when you see them too. You may even learn something new from them that you never even considered before.

3: Confidentiality

The escorting world is all about confidentiality, this is why escorts are so careful about who they see. But this also means that when you see them you can be sure that they will keep it confidential so that no one else needs to know!

4: Fantasy fulfilment

Maybe you have a fantasy that your current partner refuses to try or you just have a fantasy that you think your partner may not understand about. An escort has more than likely seen every kind of fantasy imaginable, and if they haven’t seen your particular one yet they will more than likely be ready and willing to try that one too. Escorts are very open minded and understanding, there is literally nothing within the human spectrum of fantasy fulfilment that has not been tried before.

5: No commitments

An escort does not expect you to see her on a regular basis, or call every evening, or check-in with your whereabouts every 5 minutes. Seeing an escort is about the time you spend during the appointment, after the appointment ends there are no further commitments. So you can dip in and out whenever you want, and never have to worry about forgetting her birthday or taking her to see your parents. You can of course buy her gifts if you wish, most escorts more than appreciate unsolicited gifts, large and small, just don’t expect it to mean she will text you on a regular basis, because she won’t.

6: Experiment

The human body has so many pleasure zones but most people are too scared to try because of societal stigmas or crazy religious doctrines! An escort does not worry about such things, she is skilled in the human body, whether that be nuru massage, tantric, prostate massage or the many other disciplines available. Just ask and she will either be happy to help or refer you to another escort who is more experienced in the areas you wish to try.

7: A safe place to play

STDs are something that escorts take very seriously, they never have unprotected sex and always insist on cleanliness. For this reason you are probably safer with an escort than with a drunk girl you picked up from a bar late on a Friday night.

8: Provides company when lonely

There are many people out there that for whatever reason find themselves lonely and in need of intimate companionship but can not get it the regular way. This may be because of disabilities, old age, shyness, lack of experience or many other reasons. An escort being open minded, non-judgemental and understanding is someone who is more than happy to help in these situations, just give your favourite girl a message explaining the situation and she will be more than accommodating to your needs.

9: She can be someone to talk to

Often escorts become skilled psychologists, not because they have a PHD but because they have listened to many a personal problem and helped many people fix the problems in their lives. Sometimes even bringing couples back together when it looked like they were heading for divorce.

10: The perfect dinner companion

When taking an escort to dinner, she will be the perfect companion. If you want to turn heads, she will gladly oblige, from her flawless make-up, to figure hugging dress, if you want to impress that business associate or just feel like a king with his queen then taking an escort to dinner will definitely do that!

11: She’s not your GF or Wife.

That’s right, she’s not your GF or Wife!

If you have any other benefits to seeing an escort we have missed off please feel free to add them in the comments box below.

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